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Food for thought!
In the United Kingdom we buy an astonishing 1,700 mobile phone handsets every hour. There are more than 90 million phones sat around our homes doing nothing, if they were placed end to end they would be five times longer than the Great Wall of China.

Reasons to recycle your old phone.
Old mobile phone batteries contain cadmium the contents of a single battery could contaminate up to 600,000 litres of water that’s a third of the volume of an Olympic sized swimming pool. Thankfully cadmium is being phased out of new batteries.

Lead is another substance found in the solder which binds components to the mobiles printed circuit boards, we all know the impact lead can have on our health and environment.

Brominated flame retardants are generally found within plastic cases, and circuit boards are associated with liver damage and cancer amongst other things.

Beryllium is used in springs and contacts can emit highly toxic dioxins when incinerated and can cause serious lung damage.

How and where to recycle your old mobile phone handset?
If you are buying a new mobile off the high street or online many retailers now offer their own recycling schemes many of which we have listed below.

Get paid for your old mobile phone.
The company’s below all offer cash for your old handset.

Fone Bank currently recycle over 70,000 mobile handsets per month. Fonebank pay up to £165 for your old mobile phone handset and payment is made within 3 days. Help protect the environment and earn extra cash at the same time.

Envirofone have paid out nearly £5.5 million to customers who have recycled their old mobile phones paying up to £180 per handset they are one of the biggest in the UK. Envirofone also have an excellent easy to use website displaying lots of information and prices paid for many mobile handsets.

Donate your old mobile.
The following charities will all make good use of your old mobile phone.

Oxfam offer the bring bring scheme, send in up to 20 mobile phone handsets in a jiffy bag and Oxfam will turn your unwanted mobile in to schoolbooks, seeds, tools and tons of other useful stuff and if that isn’t enough, the postage is free:
Oxfam Recycle Scheme
Freepost LON16281

Help The Aged provide a mobile phone recycling scheme aimed to help raise vital funds for the charities benefactors, Help The Aged accept reusable mobile phones, please don’t forget to include any leads and chargers the postage is free to:
SHP Solutions

Against Breast Cancer also run a mobile phone recycling scheme which helps fund research in to breast cancer, diet, lifestyle and immunity, to find out more on how you can this charity and where to send your mobile phone please visit their website.

Office Green support 5 charities: The National Trust, Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation, The NSPCC, Child Victims of Crime and the Institute of Cancer Research. To send your mobile phone (without chargers) to Office Green please post it to:
Office Green
CM13 1TG

Earth Mobile allow you to recycle personal and business mobile phones and will donate part or all of the proceeds to a charity of your choosing to find out more visit the Earth Mobile website here or post your mobile to:
PO Box 3473

Fones for safety provide a unique and valuable service reconfiguring old working mobile phone handsets to auto-dial 999 whilst maintaining the ability to receive calls and text messages. These phones are then distributed free of charge by local police and support agencies to victims of domestic violence and as “phone alarms”.

If you are a registered charity looking to raise additional funds by offering mobile phone recycling why not set up your own scheme free of charge through Recycling Appeal? Simply follow this link or call 08451 30 20 10 and then contact us at and we will list your scheme here.

What ever your motivation for recycling your old mobile phone, cash, supporting a charity or helping the planet, it is important we all do our bit. There are no more excuses the comprehensive list of mobile phone recycling schemes above and on the internet should enable us all to recycle our unwanted mobile phones.

If you offer a mobile recycling scheme and you aren’t listed here please get in touch using our contact form and we will be only to glad to list your scheme here.