Getting your First Mobile Phone Contract & Passing A Credit Check

You Can Get Accepted For Your First Mobile Phone Contract Even With No Credit History Today

Getting your first mobile phone on contract

Getting your first mobile phone on contract

Turning 18 is a big moment in anyones life and in todays connected world the first thing many young adults think of is getting the latest smart-phone on a contract whether your a student working part time, employed full time, self employed or unemployed this guide is for you.

Vodafone offer: High acceptance for Students

#1). Vodafone offer very good acceptance rates for first time contracts & students and require only a basic identity check for their SIM only contracts. Our Daughter was accpeted as a student working only part time with no credit history for the then new out iPhone 6s
Click here to apply with Vodafone now

O2 offer: Great first time contract approval rates

#2). O2 offer a great range of deals including refresh tariffs and SIM only contracts, our Son was approved at 18, newly self employed with no credit history for an iPhone and has been with O2 ever since. O2 also reward their customers every 3 months with high street vouchers and other goodies.
Click here to apply with O2 now

Virgin Mobile offer:Good acceptance rates on phones and SIMs

#3). Virgin Mobile have tariffs from as little as £11 per month with many free phone deals on all the latest handsets, 30 Day SIM Only have extremely high approvals. Virgin also offer unlimited web browsing from your mobile for just 30p a day!
Click here to apply with Virgin Mobile now

Three offer: Ok Approvals On Phones a deposit may be required

#4). Deposit may be required Three sometimes ask for a deposit to be held for 6 months and then credited back to your account. They do have a range of reasonable tariffs and free phones from just £15 per month and some very good SIM only deals.
Click here to apply with Three Mobile now

Tesco Mobile offer: Good acceptance on cheaper phones & tariffs

#5). Tesco offer a great range of affordable tariffs and superb deals on all the latest phones. They have a reasonable connection rate on pay monthly phones and offer very high acceptace rates on their pay monthly SIM's. Tesco also offer capped contracts to keep spending down perfect for first time contracts.
Click here to apply with Tesco now

EE offer: OK approval rates for first time contracts

#6). EE offer reasonable acceptance rates for first mobile contracts they have a good range of handsets though they can be a little more expensive and offer less data then the networks above they do offer great 4G coverage.
Click here to apply with EE now

Unlike other websites we do not collect your details and credit check you without your permission ShopMobilePhones performs no credit checks at all. We have close ties with the mobile phone networks and our research helps people looking for their first mobile phone contract even with no credit history. Based on our 12 years experience we recommend Vodafone and O2. Virgin Mobile also have a fantastic tariffs at the moment free phones from as little as £11.00 per month!

A guide to getting a mobile phone contract for the very first time

Passing the Credit Check and Getting Your First Mobile Phone Contract

Many people can find it difficult, not only to find a good deal but to pass the initial credit checks so we have put together this guide to help you get your fist mobile phone contract.

Having little or no credit history can mean it’s harder to get a contract phone this is because companies like to see you have successfully borrowed and are / have been able to meet your credit commitments.

More often than not people have the most success applying directly with a network rather than through a reseller like the Carphone Warehouse.

We have been comparing mobile phone deals for over 12 years and our connection data shows a higher success rate applying to following networks directly.

What to expect when applying for a mobile contract for the first time

You will be asked to provide proof of your identity when applying online this is a straight forward process by filling in and submitting a short form.

A credit check will be carried out with one or more of the credit reference agencies experian, equifax or call credit don’t worry if you haven’t got any credit history we all have to start somewhere.

Do ensure you have a UK bank account with debit or credit card, being on the electoral roll is also a great help as it helps prove your identity and address see - for how to get on the electoral roll.

Don’t apply to lots of networks or retailers in a short space of time limit yourself to 3 credit applications in anyone 6 month period.

Do make sure you can comfortably afford your mobile phone contract each month.

Consider deals where an upfront cost is required towards the price of the handset they often have lower monthly fees when compared to free phone deals.

Do think carefully about your future mobile usage, ask yourself what you are going to use your phone for?

Data is now probably the single most important part of any contract bundle, with Internet hungry messaging apps, youtube and Facebook videos eating your data in no time at all. So make sure your bundle comes with a healthy amount of data.

Where as calls and texts have become much less important to people with so many great IM apps (instant messaging) around its not surprising.

Do think about where you live and wether or not your network of choice offers any bundled free wifi in your area, this can greatly reduce your data usage and help prevent any out of bundle charges.

Also consider how often you would like to upgrade your mobile phone, most networks allow you to upgrade your phone every 2 years. O2 offer a number of refresh tariffs which allow you to upgrade in as little as three months this works by your bundle and phone being on 2 separate contracts allowing you to pay off the remainder of your phone contract and upgrade at almost anytime.

Provided all is ok you will usually get your new phone the very next day, the best way to pay your monthly bill is by direct debit and provided you keep your payments in order you will be able to upgrade every 12 or 24 months to the latest handset.

Mobile phone student discounts

There are some great offers out there for students with discounts ranging from 10% - 20% off the regular bundle price these offers are only available through a small number of networks and don’t run all the time.

Currently 3 networks are offering discounts specifically for students with O2 and EE offering the largest at 20%

Vodafone offer 10% off any pay monthly bundle click here to find out more.

O2 offer 20% off refresh tariffs for students find out more here.

EE Unidays offer 20% off your monthly bill take a look here to find out more.

To summarise what happens when applying for your first mobile phone contract, you will sign a contract usually for 12, 18 or 24 months, pay a fixed fee each month to cover your line rental and bundled minutes, data and texts, some deals will require an upfront fee towards the cost of the handset. Students that are employed full or part-time will find it easier and have more choice than self-employed or unemployed applicants.

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