12, 18 & 24 Months Free Line Rental

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12, 18 & 24 Months Free Line Rental

ShopMobilePhones.co.uk compares millions of mobile phone deals every day, our deals come directly from the networks and the UK’s best mobile phone retailers. Many of the deals we compare offer incentives such as “Free Line Rental Deals”. More often than not this type of deal offers the “Lowest Total Cost”, and so feature at the top of our general comparison tables. But to make things simpler we have listed all the mobile phones below that currently have: either 12, 18 or even 24 months free line rental offers.

Thanks to the wonders of Ajax, by simply clicking on the handset of your choice below you will instantly see all of the free line rental offers currently available for that phone.

Choose A Mobile With 12, 18 or 24 Months Free Line Rental

What are Free Line Rental Deals?

These deals are incentives offered by mobile phone retailers to help ensure their customers pay their bills. They are not something the network offer and as already mentioned there is a simple reason mobile retailers offer these incentives which is to keep you paying your bill.

Mobile retailers face massive claw backs from the networks if their customers default or fail to pay their bills and so loose commission, by staging rewards cash back / line rental and or free gifts claims in stages after 3 months or 6 months, reduces or even eliminates any network claw back.

It is important you check with each retailer at what stage of your contract a redemption claim should be made typically they are at 6 months, 9 months and eleven months, but if you don’t get it right you wont get your money back.

You must pay your full line rental as normal to the network and then reclaim your money from the retailer afterwards, provide the proof requested (usually copies of your paid bills) at the required redemption intervals.

You might think this is a little like flying Ryan air i.e it seems cheap, but its that complicated I am going to end up paying full whack!

Certainly other websites seem to think along those lines and some even think, or will lead you to believe that the retailers offering these deals will actually loose money if you claimed back all of your free line rental entitlement. This is of course completely ridiculous; I don’t know one single business that is out to loose money do you?

Mobile phone retailers get huge commissions paid to them along with a revenue share for the life of the customer (a percentage of the customers spend), but as already mentioned they suffer claw backs on these commissions if the customer defaults or fails to pay. The amount of these claw backs reduce significantly over time and they fall nicely in line with the intervals at which most retailers request the customer redeems their cash back, line rental or gift.

Yes these deals require a little organisation on your part but they are actually designed to keep retailers commissions not to fleece the customer.

When you take out one of these deals you usually receive printed vouchers one for each interval to be claimed, you simply send these in on the required dates together with original copies of the bills requested. Provided you do this, you get your free line rental be it 12 Months, 18 Months or even 24 Months.