Mobile Phones On Finance with Bad Credit

How to get accepted for a contract mobile phone with bad credit or no credit

Bad credit mobile phones

Bad Credit Mobile Phones On Finance

If you cannot get approved for a mobile phone contract with bad credit by a network there are alternative ways to get one, catalogues offer a good way to finance your new mobile phone with a reasonable interest rate, listed below are catalogs and other providers with great acceptance rates for people with bad credit.

Company Description Rating Apply
Fashion World
Fashion World
Great good for mobile phones and tablets, combine with a 30 day or PAYG SIM for the perfect package. 8/10 Apply
Tablets only, great pricing and rent to buy options, combine with a 30 day data only SIM for the perfect package. 6/10 Apply

If you have a very bad credit rating, you could find yourself looking for a catalogue that has no credit checks at all. After searching the internet time and time again you won't be supprised to find out there aren't many of them out there at all that's because there aren't - but that doesn't mean to say you won't get one.

Credit checks are in place to ensure you can afford to repay what you borrow, catalogues may sound very appealing if you have been refused a credit account, but it is important to ensure you can afford your repayments.

Catalogs give you a good way to break down the cost of a mobile phone into affordable monthly payments they aren't the cheapest form of credit around but they are cheaper than specialist bad credit networks, pay day loans and dorstep loans. As such we recommend them above any of the others becuase you get a better deal, once you get your new mobile phone come back and check out our 30 Day SIM only deals to get the perfect mobile package.

You may be asked to provide copies of recent bank statements if you fail the the credit check this allows the catalogue company to see if you are able to afford your payments in many cases you will not be refused because of historic credit problems.

Provident Personal loans are another option they are actaully cheaper than many high street weekly payment shops but still have high interest when compared with a catalogue.You can however get up to £1000 cash then you can buy any phone you like plus you repay your loan for up to a maximum of only 12 months then it's paid.

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