Mobile Phone Contracts for Bad Credit Customers

How to get accepted for a contract mobile phone with bad credit or no credit

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Phone contracts for bad credit

There are lots of reasons why people get a bad credit score and each network will have different criteria for acceptance and this will differ from phone to phone or contract to contract. Ironically having never opened a credit account (no credit) can be as bad as having bad credit! So just how do you get a mobile phone on contract with bad credit?

Reasons for adverse or bad credit
If you have missed consecutive payments or are a frequent late payer on your credit card, overdraft, mortgage, loan or other credit agreement including mobile phone contracts. The lender may mark your credit file showing these missed or late payments – this information not only detracts from your credit score buy it shows other lenders how you mange your existing credit commitments.

It may be you have legitimate reasons for paying late or even missing payments? If this is the case it is important you check your credit file(s) and contact your lender and the credit reference agency – they can add a notice of correction to your file(s) this can help potential lenders better asses your credit worthiness.

Too many searches on your credit report will also effect your credit score, make no more than 3 applications for credit in any one 6 month period.

Defaults and CCJ’s will all have a serious effect on your chances of obtaining credit of any kind – Look at 30 day rolling contracts keep this for 6 months and try upgrading with the same network we recommend:

Mistakes on your credit report can adversely effect your rating, you should check your credit file either online or by ordering your statutory paper report on a regular basis. Go through your credit file ensure all names and addresses and credit account details are correct this will also help you detect any identity theft.

Virgin Mobile Network Three Network ee Network Vodafone Network Tesco-Mobile Network o2 Network

How to improve your credit rating
Are you on the electoral roll at your current address? The mobile phone networks use this information as proof of your address and it will help your application be approved.

Once you have your credit reports (Equifax and Experian (Credit Expert)) check for mistakes and get them corrected, next any forgotten about or unpaid accounts will need sorting. If you do have any outstanding accounts, contact your lender and come to an arrangement to clear any outstanding amount either in one or installments.

If possible look to consolidate any outstanding accounts into one lower rate loan this will improve your rating and make your repayments easier and cheaper. Consolidation is not often possible with poor credit if you have old debts that are perhaps with debt collection agencies they will often take as little as 50% of the outstanding balance as a full and final settlement, its worth contacting them if this is something you can do.

Failing all of that don’t panic the best thing you can do is sit down and list all you income and expenditure (make sure you have enough money to live and add extra for just incase money) then you can work out just how much free cash if any you actually have. Contact all of your outstanding accounts and offer them an affordable repayment plan based on your income and expenditure. Get some free debt advice you will find great advice and links to free debt advice services here. Getting your finances in order and clearing your debts will improve your credit rating.

Minor or No credit apply directly to:- Virgin Mobile, Vodafone & Three

Poor credit choose a lower value handset and apply directly to:- Virgin Mobile & Three

Bad credit choose a SIM only contract or 30 day rolling SIM depending on how bad your credit is, keep up your payments on time and you could upgrade to a free mobile phone contract in as little as 3 months with the same network apply directly to:- Virgin Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Three.

In order of greatest acceptance rate here are the networks to try.

ID offer: Great Approvals On Phones & SIM Only Contracts

#1). ID offer a wide range of affordable tariffs on a good selection of handsets and SIM's they have an excellent approval rate for customers with a less than perfect credit history, as always be realistic about which handset you choose in order to stand the best chance of being accepted.
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Vodafone offer: Very high acceptance rates for all

#2). Vodafone offer very good acceptance rates on low to mid range smartphones and require only a basic identity check for their SIM only contracts. As we have mentioned before SIM only contracts are great for building your credit and provided you keep your account in order they are a sure fire way to a free phone contract deal.
Click here to apply with Vodafone now

BT offer: High Approval Rates On Phones For Poor Credit Scores

#3). BT Mobile is a newcomer in the mobile phone world recently buying out EE they run on the UK's biggest 4G network but of course BT needs no introduction! Apply for an affordable smartphone (avoid iPhone 7) to get approved. Got BT broadband? Even better, as an existing customer you get £5 off your monthly mobile phone plan!
Click here to apply with BT Mobile now

Virgin Mobile offer: The best acceptance rates on phones and SIMs

#4). Virgin Mobile have tariffs from as little as £5 per month with many free phone deals on all the latest handsets, 30 Day SIM Only have extremely high approvals. Virgin also offer unlimited web browsing from your mobile for just 30p a day!
Click here to apply with Virgin Mobile now

Tesco Mobile offer: Good acceptance on cheaper phones & tariffs

#5). Tesco offer a great range of affordable tariffs and superb deals on all the latest phones. They have a reasonable connection rate on pay monthly phones and offer very high acceptance rates on their pay monthly SIM's. Tesco also offer capped contracts to keep spending down and have great coverage.
Click here to apply with Tesco now

Three offer: Great Approvals On Phones For Credit Scores Of 350+

#6). Credit Score Of 350+ for Phone Deals Or Three Mobile offer SIM only contracts from just £10 per month. Three also have a range of reasonable tariffs and free phones from just £15 per month. Again you need to be realistic in your choices. (Read our full guide bellow)
Click here to apply with Three Mobile now

TalkTalk Very High Approval Rates & Affordable Tariffs

#7). TalkTalk offer very high approval rates combined with their cheap tariffs makes them perfect for customers with bad credit or no credit history. Incentives are available for existing TalkTalk broadband customers too.
Click here to apply with TalkTalk now

GiffGaff: No Credit Check SIM ONLY deals

#8). GiffGaff offer great SIM only deals that are not only good value for money they carry no credit check making them perfect for customers with bad credit or no credit history. With time they can also help rebuild your credit score leading you to a full phone contract.
Click here to apply with GiffGaff now

O2 offer: Clear & simple SIM only contracts with good acceptance rates

#9). O2 offer a great range of SIM only contracts, Simplicity offers Pay and Go, 30 day rolling and 12 month SIM only contracts, all have very high acceptance rates. O2 also reward their customers every 3 months with high street vouchers and other goodies.
Click here to apply with O2 now

EE offer: OK approval rates for SIM ONLY Contracts

#10). As the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile EE offer good acceptance rates for their SIM only contracts. As we have mentioned before SIM only contracts are great for building your credit and provided you keep your account in order they are a sure fire way to a free phone contract deal.
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To find out what information is held about you on your credit file please visit one of these two credit reference agencies:
Experian (Credit Expert).

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