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Mobile phone deals and networks are much simpler to compare directly against each other then things like car or house insurance. There are nine phone networks operating in the UK market - 02, Vodafone, EE, Three, iD, GiffGaff, Virgin, Talk mobile and Tesco mobile. So to get the best deal we recommend comparing all network providers, we make this really easy by comparing and updating the best deals straight from the network sites every single day. We focus on the two categories that count - Contract with New Phone and SIM Only Deals (if you own a mobile and just want a SIM card only deal).

If your not well informed about Mobile Phones, the Deals available, Mobile Phone Contracts and how they work, we recommend you take a moment to read our easy to understand guide first before comparing Mobile Phone Deals on our comparison site.

Mobile Phones: The Facts
Which Are The Best Smart Phones out at the moment?

Smart phone manufacturers have on offer some really great handsets right now, many of which have received brilliant reviews by the big tech sites for their handsets. There are plenty of options which meet pretty much any ones exact requirements for a mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 6 and 5c have received brilliant reviews on many highly regarded websites, these we would recommend for anyone looking for an all singing all dancing handset.

The Samsung Galaxy range is readily available from any of the networks for free with a new air time contract. The iPhone 4 and 5 ranges are available from T-Mobile, Orange, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three.

Although phones that run off the Windows 8 operating system have come on in leaps and bounds we feel they do not as yet offer the range of apps that can be found on both Apple's iPhone's and Android Mobiles it will be a little while before Microsoft catch up. So Samsung (with Android) and Apple (with it's own iOS system) are the main recommendations in the high end smart phone market right now.

New Bargain Handsets To Buy
HTC are quietly brilliant offering phones to rival Apple and Samsung as are Sony and Nokia both of the later offering superb camera and photographic features. Huawei are also making waves offering very high spec handsets at amazingly low prices, Ok they don't quite match Apple and Samsung on performance or build quality but for less than half the price of the big boys they are well worth your consideration if your looking for a cheaper deal or even for a SIM only contract deal and a good cheap phone to go with it.

Types of Mobile Phone
There are three main types of mobile phone which are entry level phones, feature phones and smart phones. Entry level phones are very basic, usually cheap and their batteries last much longer than other types of phone because they have far less functions and features. People who only want to use their phone as a phone i.e talk and text should find an entry phone perfect for their needs, some of these phones even offer a basic camera facility.

Feature phones, the next step up from an entry phone tend to offer more features like limited internet browsing, better cameras, a basic touchscreen, access to social network sites and email. Some feature phones may have a music and or media player meaning the user can listen to music on the go or even watch a movie clip.

Smart phones are getting slimmer but not smaller in size screens are getting higher and higher resolutions and are becoming bigger with faster mobile download speeds phones are being designed with watching tv and movies in mind, popular makes including Apple's iPhone series and Samsung's Galaxy series taking full advantage of 4G (LTE). Modern smart phones can perform many functions just like your Mac or PC browsing the web and thanks to millions of useful apps there isn't much you can't do on a smart phone. Cameras are really hi spec taking superb quality photographs that rival many digital cameras for quality and you can even enhance and edit your photos directly on many smart phones. These can then be transferred onto your Computer, laptop or even uploaded directly to photo printing station or website. The acilies heal of most smartphones is the battery life which can run down very quickly.

What is the best Deal for me?

There are three main deals to choose from Contract with New Phone, SIM Only and Pay As You Go.

Contract Mobile Phone Deals
Contract phones are by far the most popular as more often than not the phone is provided with no upfront cost and you get a monthly usage allowance of minutes - these are your voice calls, texts for texts messages and data for browsing the internet over the mobile phone network (while on the move not while connected to your home broadband or wifi hot spot). You pay a fixed monthly fee for the term of the contract usually this will be for 18 or 24 months some networks will even allow you to upgrade your handset part way through the contract term. Despite continually being told your handset comes free with selected contracts this is not the case you are simply spreading the cost of the phone over the course of your contract and paying your inclusive airtime (minutes, texts and data) as well - this is fine if you are looking to spread the cost of your expensive phone, just don't let anyone tell you your phones free its not your paying for it!

SIM only contracts are great
If you already own a mobile you are happy with and that suits your needs. SIM only deals mean you just pay for your airtime (minutes, texts and data) there are many deals to choose from and to fit all types of usage of course the heavier user will pay more than the casual user. But if you have your own phone you can usually get the best value deal on a SIM only contract.

Pay As You Go
Pay as you go is simply where you pay for your phone in one go and then your air time usage in advance a number of networks offer incentives to PAYG customers such as x amount of free minutes, texts or data when you top up by so much a month or O2 offer a great Pay As You Go Bundle deal where you receive new bonuses the longer you stay a customer. That said many Pay As You Go tariffs have higher call, texts and data charges then contract deals and SIM's meaning its actually more expensive to be a PAYG customer.

Can I Keep My Number if I Change Network? (Number porting)
Yes you can you need to ring up the network you are leaving and request your Port Authorisation Code or PAC code you then give this to the network you are joining and in about 24 hours your number will be ported to your new network.

Getting a Better Deal
Everybody wants to get the best deal when we are looking for a new mobile or to upgrade an existing phone contract. Using our comparison website you can compare the whole market. We show no bias and do not manipulate our comparison tables according to who pays the most. compares the entire market and is updated daily and is one of the oldest and most trusted mobile comparison sites on the internet. Use the phone finder above to select your make and model and prefered network to see the latest deals. filter the results using the sliders to get the best contracts based on your usage.

Recycle or Sell your old phone?
So you've just signed up to a new contract and received a nice new phone, usually putting the old mobile in the drawer and forgetting all about it. Even if your not interested in getting some money for you old mobile from sites such as Envirophone, Mazuma or cash4phones there are many charities such as Oxfam and Help the Aged who will gladly make use of it. Throwing your old phone away is not a good idea as they are not bio degradable and can leak harmful toxic chemicals into the soil harming the environment. So get recycling or Donating!

Can I Make My Battery Last Longer?

  • Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
  • Look at screen brightness, turn it down where possible
  • Switch off Wi-Fi, GPRS, when not in use and switch from 4g or 3G to 2G where possible
  • Spectacular screen savers, loud music, all use battery
  • Lithium batteries need recharging before they run out completely. Overheating lithium batteries by overcharging will lessen its life as will leaving a mobile with a lithium battery in the full glare of the sun
  • Reception strength also affects batteries. A weak signal takes more out of the battery

Which Are the Main Smart Phone Manufacturers?
Below is a list of the main smart phone makes found on UK networks:

Mobile Phone jargon Explained

  • APP - Application this can be a game or utility
  • Bluetooth - Enables users to transfer information wirelessly
  • Browser - Application to access internet and websites like Google
  • Band - The more bands the more countries are supported
  • FPS - How many Frames per Second a camera can record
  • GPS - Global Positioning System used in Sat nav and other Geo apps
  • GPRS - General Packet Radio Service is a method of enhancing 2G phones to enable them to send and receive data more quickly.
  • Infrared - Enables wireless signals over short areas to be sent or received
  • Polyphonic - A ringtone that is polyphonic has a host of sounds rather than the single tone.
  • Monotone - Sound of old ringtones
  • Micro SD - Removable Memory Card
  • MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service allows pictures and media to be sent with a text message
  • SMS - Short Messaging Service a text message
  • T9 - Predictive Text
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus a universal connection used in computers phones and many other devices
  • LTE - stands for 'Long Term Evolution' which is 4G the next generation of mobile network allowing superfast speeds on enabled handsets in 4G enabled areas.