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DadDad has been working in internet marketing and web development for over 15 years, the founder and developer of ShopMobilePhones.co.uk – Adrian is completely self taught, when he’s not mucking out horses he can be found creating new features for the website or forging new partnerships and ideas.

MumMum gets the fun jobs when she’s not mucking out or making packed lunches, costumes, finishing school projects, baking cakes, walking dogs, feeding chickens, cooking dinner or doing homework – Helen gets to play with the new phones, review them and update the deals. Helen has been married to Adrian for nearly 16 years and she’s still almost sane! (She doesn't do much).

JordanNumber 1 Son is an ideas man when he’s not out riding his motocross bike, eating everything in the fridge or annoying all his brothers and sisters, Jordan likes to come up with new features and widgets for dad to build.

NicoleNumber 1 Daughter is our resident artist. Nicole is very creative and helps out with the designs and colour schemes, and when she’s not listening to her iPod – and you can actually communicate with her, she likes to help with all the animals and to ride out over the moors with Mum or Dad.

TomNumber 2 Son Thomas comes up with superb slogans and ideas on how to make things easy to use. Tom is by far the biggest wind-up in the house and his name can often be heard around the house THOMAS! , Tom is also very Arty and clever just like his big Sister Nicole.

BenNumber 3 Son Benjamin – prefers to be called Ben, he is our resident comedian, very witty and likes the odd cuddle – which is great because we often need to laugh and sometimes need a cuddle. Ben can often be found with Tom and more often than not found doing stuff they shouldn’t.

RosieNumber 2 Daughter Rosie A,K.A Persil – because she’s “Small But Mighty” Rosie is very funny and likes tons of cuddles a lot like Ben she is often found arguing with Millie, Tom or Ben and quite often all 3. Rosie loves all the animals and is often seen sat on the swing with a chicken under her arm.

MillieNumber 3 Daughter Millie, well Millie May what can we say ? Millie is the little girl with a little curl. When she is good she is very very good, but when she is bad well you get the picture. Millie is as bright as a button being the 6th born Millie decided from the second she opened her eyes that she was going to do everything all her brothers and sisters could - and she did.

HarveyNumber 4 Son Harvey (#BabyNumber7), Eats, eats, eats and eats - when Harvey isn't eating he likes the odd sleep, but only when its light outside. I would have more sympathy for Helen but I blame her and Number 1 Daughter Nicole for all the twilight they watched while Helen was pregnant, its no wonder he only eats at night poor kid thinks he's a teenage heartthrob vampire!

JosephNumber 5 Son Joseph is a real character, he knows what he wants and when he wants it, its now! being number 8 has its perks having 7 brother and sisters to run round after you makes you pretty spoiled and he loves it.

scan pictureDaughter Evie-Rose, born 16th Feb 2016 rules the roost she already has all here brothers and sisters under her thumb, the ones she can't charm she scares into submission.

Grandma Pat does the accounts and Grandad Graham provides switchboard service for Grandma Pat when the kids ring her, he also makes mean shepherds pie.

Well that’s us, and our wonderful family, we all work together to bring you the best mobile phone deals on the internet.

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Shop mobile phones compares more mobile deals from more retailers and mobile networks than any other mobile phone website. Our prices and offers are updated daily to bring you up to date offers on all the latest mobile handsets. We have deals on every UK network BT, O2, Orange, Three, T-Mobile, Virgin and Vodafone together with Pay as you go and Sim Free offers we are currently comparing mobile phone offers.

We are a family run business who offer honest comparisons aimed to save you time and money together with information on the real cost of each mobile deal, Tariff call and message charges, line rental discounts, free line rental offers, cash back and free gift offers are all compared in an easy to follow format.

We welcome and invite your feedback and suggestions on how to make the site even better, please feel free to use our contact form to make your suggestions and remember to let all your friends and family know where to find the best mobile phone deals.

Shopmobilephones.co.uk has rapidly become an industry leading portal and our flagship website. Our comparison services have grown to become one of the UK’s largest and most widely recognised mobile phone price comparison websites on the internet and our data and comparison scripts power over 200 other UK sites from local press and media to other specialist comparison websites.