Will EE close Orange and T-Mobile?


Will EE close Orange and T-Mobile?

EE, the new 4G network in the UK, announced their services in the year 2012 and has established a prominent place in the market at the moment. They have become a real threat to other mobile networks such as T-Mobile and Orange. In a rather confusing move, the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile, previously called Everything Everywhere, have launched a third brand, EE, as well as renaming itself EE.

EE, which launched in October 2012, has already been adopted as the name of the company, replacing Everything Everywhere. However EE has repeatedly denied wanting to do away with the older brands.

A spokesman said: “EE continues to operate Orange and T-Mobile as part of the EE family of brands, with customers of all benefiting from being part of the biggest and best network in the UK.” However, sources claim the company is likely to bar new subscribers from joining Orange and T-Mobile, in a plan to phase the names out. “Those brands will definitely not be around forever,” one said.

EE has only made available its super-fast 4G mobile services under its 4G brand, and is ensuring sponsorship deals go under the EE name. Earlier in year 2013, it lent its EE brand to the Baftas. It is unwilling to pull the plug on Orange and T-Mobile as they have many customers on pay-as-you-go deals, which until now have been unavailable on EE.

On the 24th March 2014 EE closed all of the Orange and T-Mobile affiliate programs a spokeman from EE told us: “Since the launch of EE affiliate programme, our promotional activity has been focused primarily around EE with regular time limited offers and price downs, and with your help we’ve been seeing some really strong results coming through.

Following on from this success, and our strategic decision to align our affiliate programme against our retail strategy.” Does this mean it’s EE’s retail strategy to do away with the Orange and T-Mobile brands?

When EE was formed from the 2010 merger of Orange and T-Mobile, most industry experts thought it should dump the T-Mobile name and adopt the Orange brand. However, tensions between shareholders, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, turned the matter of its name into a political issue.

The company tried to halt the identity crisis by adopting the EE brand, but tensions have escalated into a battle over what to do with the firm. Both shareholders have said they would like to sell or launch an initial public offering, but neither seems willing to surrender control before the other.

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