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If you have any Apple device, including an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll probably notice that there are so many apps on the App store that you can download. There are over 100 million apps on the App Store, so where do you even begin searching for the best applications? Well, when you’re in the App Store you can select an option which shows you the 25 most popular applications which you can choose to display the top 25 free ones or the top 25 paid ones. Don’t assume that just because something is free that it’s not that good, there are plenty of free applications which are free that are better than most paid applications. Along with looking at the top 25 apps, you can also search for what applications you want to see, for example, you could search “shooting” to find shooting games and so on. Here’s a list of applications that I’d recommend to everyone that has any Apple device:

• Twitter – With people joining Twitter every day, Twitter is easily one of the best apps that any person with an Apple device can get. It’s completely free and allows you to do anything that you can do on the desktop version of Twitter. No matter what you want to do, whether it’s following your friend, tweet to the world, search for something etc. – you can do it all on the Twitter application!

• Soundhound – Have you ever heard a song that you love but can never remember the name of it? Well, then Soundhound is an app that you need! Let’s say that you hear a song in your local bar, and want to remember it so that you can purchase it when you get home, Soundhound allows you to do just that. It’s important to remember that you need an internet connection to use it though, but most public places have free Wi-Fi now anyway.

• Angry Birds – You’ve heard of Angry Birds, haven’t you? If you haven’t, you should download it immediately. Basically, it’s one of the most addictive games that’s on the App Store. You’d be surprised how many hours you could waste from playing a game on your iPhone or whatever! Even though it’s a fairly basic game, it’s still extremely addictive. Since it’s quite basic it also means that children as well as adults can have fun playing it.

• FatBooth – If you just want to have a bit of fun with your friends or family then this app is for you. The name of the app might give it away, but I’ll explain it anyway. Basically, you take a picture of your face and within a few touches of the screen it’ll magically transform the picture to make the person look very fat! It’s great to pass a bit of time and since it’s so easy to use children can also use it.

• Bump – Have you ever wanted to share something like a picture from one Apple device to another Apple device? This is exactly what Bump does. As the name of the app suggests, you simply bump one device in to another and then a message appears on the device that you want to receive the picture, once you accept it the picture will be on the other iDevice. Another bonus is that the app is completely free of charge!

• Nike+ GPS – With Nike+ GPS you can easily see how much work you’re putting in to your fitness. It’s mainly designed for people who run, although you could also use it if you walk a lot. It tells you loads of information such as the distance that you’ve travelled, what route you’ve used, what parts of the route that were slower than others and so on. Since the app uses your devices GPS signal there’s no need to have Wi-Fi/3G coverage etc. since everything is done using the GPS that’s built in to your device.

They’re the 6 apps that I’d tell everyone to download once they get a new Apple iPhone, but of course there a wide variety of apps that are just as good as the ones mentioned above. Here’s a quick tip if you’re looking for good apps, keep an eye out over certain times of the year such as Christmas since many application developers will either reduce their apps or even better, give them away for free!

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